The boy wanted to fed the fish but 3 meter stingray appeared to him

The schoolboy once wanted to feed the fish and went down to the water.
Usually small fishes appear in such cases. But this time it was different.

Soon, a strange mammal appeared to him.
The boy was surprised as he did not wait for this.He did not wait to see such a large fish.

But then he regained his strength and continued feeding the stranger. Moreover, the stingray behaved very calmly.

Later, one of the local fishermen identified the mammal.
They said that they have known about this stingray for a long time.

People even called him Sebastian.
The mammal often comes there in search of food.

The size of the mammal is almost three meters and 200 kilograms. But despite this, the mammal is a sea dweller.

Sebastian even allowed the boy to stroke him.
What’s more interesting was that many stingrays tried to copy his behavior.

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