The boy left his lovely puppy with a heartbreaking note

The boy had to leave his lovely dog. He brought the animal to the shelter with a note and then left.
In the morning the shelter staff saw a box near the door.

When they approached they saw a little puppy inside there. He was so little. He had a note with him.
The workers took the poor creature to the shelter.

In the note, the boy told why he left the puppy. The reason was that his father always drank and beat the animal. And he did not want his father to harm him anymore.
His father also wanted to sell the animal and that’s why the boy decided to leave him at the shelter.

The workers could not hide their tears when they learned the story.
Also, they shared it on Facebook. Many people reacted to the post and shared their feelings.

The boy had to leave the dog to save his life.
People started to worry about the poor animal’s fate.
They are happy that the animal’s life was survived.

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