The boy hurried to the street and saved the injured poor creature

Children are the kindest to animals. This brave boy called Jean Fernandez saved the dog’s life who was seriously injured. This happened in Brazil.

It’s unbelievable to imagine how the child endangered his life to save the poor creature. Dogs are our best friends and this boy showed his kindness to the animals.

When the car hit the animal the driver ran off without thinking about the fate of the poor animal.
The 11-years-old boy endangered his life to save the poor creature.

He took the dog and carried it out to be sure everything was ok with him.
Many people could not believe how he managed to do so.

But later his mother told the social media channels that it’s normal when it comes to their son.
He adores animals and never stay indifferent when they are in need.

He helped many injured and helpless animals.
The dog was sent to the animal rescue center and now he will soon be recovered.

Due to the brave boy the dog was saved. His act is worth praising.

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