The boy saw how the cat was thrown from the car and hurried to help it

The boy suddenly witnessed a scene where the cat was thrown away from the car. They could not stay indifferent and stopped the car. Then, Gavin ran out of the car and reached for the cat to save it.

Gavin hurried to the bridge and found the poor cat.
The poor animal was traumatized and scared. But then he hugged Gavin and felt that he was not going to hurt him. He managed to gain his trust.

So, they took this poor creature to the hospital and doctors started to treat him. Gavin did not intend to leave this cat alone. He felt sorry for this cat and was so emotional about what happened.

After some days, a kind person heard about this case on social media and suggested covering the medical expenses. Gavin was surprised and thankful to this person.

This couple became very attached. Gavin saved his life and now they share a special bond. Gavin later told how cheerful and joyful the cat was.

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