The boy had a twin in his class and his mother started to cry when saw when the boy

This boy continued claiming that he had a twin in his class. And when he showed the photo of the guy to his mom, she started to cry.
Once, the boy coming home claimed that he had a twin. His mother did not pay any attention to it.

But then the boy brought her a photo of his twin. So, the mother could not hide her tears.
The kindergarten organized a Twins’ Day. In the country, children are often asked to dress in the same way.

So, the students are encouraged to find partners and dress similarly. Miles was sure that Tanner was his twin.
His mother knew that Mile was attached to one boy called Tanner but she never met the child. And she did not know what he looked like.

But the boy was sure that they were twins. And on that day they both wore the same clothes and looked the same.
So, when the mother saw the picture of the boys she could not hide her tears.

They are both different and similar. And the mother cried because she was surprised by this.

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