The boy could not understand from where the meow was coming and then his dog found it

The boy with his mother and dog went to the pond. He found the dog when he was a puppy. Someone got rid of him and the boy could not stay indifferent and took him home.

And when they were walking they suddenly heard a strange noise. They thought it was a bird but they soon realized that the cat was meowing.

But they could not find anyone. And soon they found a cat who was exhausted.
So, the dog named Bella ran and the boy followed her. Soon, she found the kitten.

The noise was coming from the ground and they finally managed to dig them out.
They put the kittens in the bag and took them home. They cleaned and fed them at home.

After that, the babies fell asleep.
‘I could not understand how someone could treat like this with these poor creatures’ said the boy.

It was a nice idea to go to the pond, otherwise, they could not survive.
The boy and his dog saved the little kittens.

They were so happy about this.
The elder cat named Rosalie helped to look after the kittens.

She laid down near the babies and warmed them.
Now the babies have a home and a mother.

In a couple of days, the babies completely changed and these babies were not the first ones who saved the boy.

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