The boy asked mother for 2 lunch bags and then she found that he gave one to his classmate

Everyday, Dylan asked his mom to give him 2 sandwiches. The mother never asked why she wanted 2 instead of one, she just thought that she had a good appetite.

But once she asked and got the response.
‘I want this for my classmate, he never brings anything with him, I think that I do not have money for this ’ he said.

Josette was amazed by her son’s kindness.
This story excited Josette who also had some problems many years ago.

She was a single mother who also lost her job.
So, she continued making 2 lunches every day.

And one day she got a call and was invited somewhere.
Here, she met her son’s friend’s mom who thanked her so much.

‘I am so thankful for feeding my son,’ she said.
‘Now I found a job and I want you to take the money back’.

But she refused to do so.
So, they came up with a great idea.

They raised money and paid for lunches for children who could not bring them themselves.
The mother was proud of her son who motivated them to do so.

One can change the world by starting from itself.

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