The boar was raised by a dog and she believed she was a puppy

A woman called Dora once found a box with a pig inside. Dora and her boyfriend named Nuwan were surprised by what they saw. So, they wanted to somehow help the poor creature. The pig called Yezhu stayed with them forever.

Not only does the couple look after it, but the dog is called Biu Biu as well.
The dog taught her to play and eat and after some time she started to consider her as her mom.

Now, the pig weighed two times more than the dog but she continues to believe that it was her mom. She believes that she is a dog.

Yezhu enjoys spending time with her mother.
They do everything together like eat, play and run.

Yezhu has been trained since childhood and there is no longer a need to train her.

Dora was very glad that the pets are very friendly and supportive to each other.
And this was so special as no one could expect such a relationship between the dog and the pig.

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