The birth of a leopard made everyone happy as its population is endangered

It’s happiness for the zoo when an animal is born. But it’s even better when endangered animals are born. In the zoo, a rare leopard was born.

And it’s a breeding program of breeding. The baby was so strong and powerful that everyone was amazed by its progress.

She is following everything on schedule and that made the work of the zoo workers easy. She also opened her eyes recently. Usually, they open their eyes after 2 weeks of being born.

These species are considered the strongest among the other cat species. They have something special in their fur that looks like clouds.

And that’s why they looked like clouded leopards.
They are from the Himalayas.

This baby is now well cared and treated. Now you cannot see them at the zoo but after a while she will be able to see people at the zoo. Everyone will be amazed by seeing the baby.

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