The bear remembered the animal center worker who looked after her when she was a child

The bear named Sonya finally met with one of the shelter workers who looked after her for a very long time. Jonathan met Sonya when she was so little.

After that, the man changed his job and never came to the shelter again. Sonya missed the man very much and did not understand why he did it.

After some years, the man came to see the animal who turned out to be a big bear.
The man also did not forget about the bear.

Sonya also did not forget about her caretaker.
The staff who witnessed the moment when they met, could not hide their tears.

It was emotional to see a man and a bear who shared love after being separated for such a long time.
One of the workers also filmed the moment.

After the meeting, the bear turned out to be a playful and joyful creature.
It’s not a secret that animals are more dedicated and sincere than people.

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