The bear interrupted a family picnic and joined them

The family decided to have a picnic in the woods and didn’t expect someone to join them. So, an uninvited guest destroyed their plans.
Kathleen Nesbitt was enjoying the day with her family when a bear appeared there.

The animal did not want to scare anyone but to join there.
The family was scared at first but then they became company with him.

This was filmed by others who were nearby. They urged people to stay calm.
We were told not to take action and stay calm, said Kathleen. But they were all scared.

After eating some sandwiches the animal returned to the forest. He did not harm anyone.
But their decision to allow the animal to eat was criticized by internet users.

They said that this could harm animals and that it’s illegal to feed them.
But the family was lucky not to become a victim. They all are safe.

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