The barely walking dog managed to get up on his paws and find a family

I heard about the dog from the Internet where it is written that the dog was aged. It was hard for him to move as he had some problems with his paws. So, it had to stay outside no matter the weather. And I suggested paying for the doctor’s service for the dog.

So, the dog was taken to the hospital every day. But everything was in vain. His condition only worsened. After some time, the animal could not even walk. So, according to doctors, the paws could not be saved any longer.

The dog named Gosha turned 10 years old. It was a respectable age for dogs. He needed long-term and special treatment. Doctors did not have any good predictions.

Until now, we did not expect to hear any good news. But surprisingly, the pet managed to cope with everything. So, the doctors did their best and magic happened.

His paw was saved and he can move again. When you see the video where the animal meets his curator most probably you cannot hide your tears. Not so long ago the dog could not even take a step. But now the dog is smiling and that was the first time we saw him smiling.

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