The barely survived tiger was recovered after 2 months of being rescued

The tiger called Laziz survived the world’s worst zoo.
Laziz was the last tiger in that zoo, others died from starvation.

The zoo was damaged during the car between Palestine and Israel.
They do not have enough money to feed the animals.

The world knew about the fate of these animals in 2014. But only in 2016, did the activists manage to rescue Laziz from there.
They moved him to a better place. In this new place, he has a large area where he can freely move.

It was a Paradise for him.
Laziz would also die if the activist did not take him from there.

The tiger now had enough meat.
He is grown up and has lush sideburns.

He also has some traumatized psyche but he is at the same time very lucky.
But he already feels well. And after this everything will be good for him.

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