The barely saved pregnant dog gave birth to little cows

Rosie, a pregnant dog, was in the hands of the volunteer organization who decided to help her. They all were happy to find the dog.

John and Cathy took Rosie to their home and waited for the day.
The couple already looked after 20 animals.

This time they will take care of the puppies.
And when Rosie went into labor an amazing thing happened.

Rosie gave birth to 4 babies who differed from their mother.
The babies were not a golden retriever as expected. They looked like cows.

It was the strangest thing that one could ever see. But the couple was not surprised.
The mother was proud of her babies.

The couple gave the babies cow names
No one knows who the father of the babies is.

But the couple helps Rosie to take care of her babies. And when they get older they will find new owners.

John and Kathy enjoy their time with the puppies.

Mixtures of different breeds gave such a result and it was not a surprise for them.
Thanks to the couple, Rosie managed to safely give birth to her puppies.

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