The barely saved kitten was so angry till the owner adopted another cat

Once, Jazmine heard a cat noise. The noise was coming from the yard of his house. When the woman saw the animal she decided to take it home.

‘I was taught to look after all animals who came into your life’ the woman says. Every time the cat passed her house she stayed there. The animal was named Buddy. Now the cat has a roof on his head and is thankful to the woman.

The woman never wanted to adopt an animal but then everything changed.
When Buddy came to her home she decided to adopt another pet after some time. It was a little cat called Hanna.

And when the cat appeared Buddy’s behavior changed.
Hanna was very friendly and joyful. It was the first time when Buddy wanted to befriend with anyone.

After a short time, they became inseparable friends. Jazmine saw how happy they were together. They often hug and kiss each other. Also, they are always ready to help each other when needed.

Such an amazing friendship that no one could expect.
Hanna plays an important role in that home. The owner was happy to have them.

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