The barely saved cat changed its fur color because of vitiligo and now she is completely different

Nicole found Ellie with her sister when they were four months old babies.
They were not in good condition and their health required medical attention.

No one wanted to take them and they were suffering from an ear infection.
‘It was painful to look at them, so I decided to take them home’ said Nicole.

She always wanted to adopt a cat but she could not even imagine that she would adopt them in such a way.
But love and attention did their job. And the sisters gradually started to recover.

From the beginning, Ellie was friendly and joyful.
After some time Nicole noticed that something unusual was happening with its black fur.

She did not have any white spots before that. And it was her fur, said the woman.
So, the woman decided to take the animal to the hospital and hoped that doctors would find out the reason for such a change.

Later, it became obvious that it was because of a rare disease called vitiligo.
This disease happens to about 1% of people. But the woman did not give up and continued loving her pet.

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