The barely saved cat became a star on social media due to its charming smile

Kelly DeWeese once went for a run and then noticed a small ball near the cornfield.
The cat had fleas overall and was sick. So, the woman could not stay indifferent and decided to take her home.

She later named her Snickers.
‘So, I picked her up and took her home, the next day I took her to the hospital’ said Kelly.

So, she underwent an examination and it turned out that she had polyps in her nose that could be removed only by operating.

The operations were finally performed. But they were so expensive. The first operation was successful but the second one was not. She turned out to be blind.

But over time her vision was restored.
And her face looked like a smiling one.

It seemed that she was constantly smiling. Now she is healthy and lives her best life.
Almost 7 000 dollars was spent on her treatment. But she was glad that the cat came into her life.

The woman often shared pictures on the internet and the cat already had many followers who were always glad to see her photos.

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