The barely saved animal could not believe that he is finally alive and free

They knew about the existence of this cat for a long time. Many animals live in the territory of construction towns. Sometimes they are treated well by workers and sometimes catch wild rodents. That was a nice neighborhood for them.

Once, the builders heard a cat noise from the bushes.
And then they saw a snake entwining their lovely cat. The cat was already exhausted and it seemed that it was no longer resisting.

And the builders decided to save him at all costs.
The snake already wanted to attack the cat but the blows forced him to change his plans.

The cat was left lying on the leaves.
One of the people did Cardiopulmonary resuscitation and it saved his life.

But he still needed time to recover from the stress. After some time when he was already feeling well, he ate fish and left. He never came back even to thank the builders for saving his life.

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