The baby seal looked for help from people

The yacht club workers once noticed a small animal on the ice.
They thought it was a puppy but then it turned out to be a Baltic seal.

They immediately reported it to the animal rights activist and they came to the scene.
Examination showed that the baby was born 3 days ago. It was a female.

The winter brought its changes and the baby was born before the right time. It should have been born in February.
The baby was put in a special box. And comfortable conditions were created for it.

The baby should be treated well and fed every 2-3 hours. And safe hands are the guarantee for its life.
Then she came back to home- sea and would always stay there.

This is not the first case when such animals stay helpless and humans are the only rescuers for them. Otherwise, they would die.
Thanks to the rescue team the baby got a second chance at life. The baby is very lucky to meet such caring people.

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