The baby girl with Down syndrome was rejected several times but this single dad decided to take her

Baby Alba had so many difficulties since birth. The young mom got rid of her baby because of her Down syndrome. So, the baby was sent to an orphanage.

No one wanted to adopt the baby girl.
But 2 years ago, she got a family.

For the 40 years, old men did not have a family or children. And it would be hard for him to adopt a baby as he was single.

But he reached his goal and adopted a 13-day-old girl.
He worked in a special needs care center for a very long time.

And maybe this work taught him patience and the ability to talk with sick children.
He passed many interviews for being a father for Alba.

Now, the man brings her up alone but did not lose his hope that someone would share the fatherhood with him. He spent most of his time with the girl.

They play, eat, and dance together. They both are happy to have each other.

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