The baby elephant did not want to walk further and stays in the middle of the road

Children are inseparable parts of us. They have so many good qualities that could not be numbered. But sometimes they act the way that parents just want to run far away.

Parents have difficulties getting along with them and treating them properly. So, everyone should be ready for facing difficulties.

And it turned out that not only human children could act like this but animals as well.
This story is about a baby elephant who stayed in the middle of the road.

But her mom reacted differently, unlike human mothers.
The way she reacted is strange to us.

She continued her way and did not pay any attention to her baby.
The baby hoped that her mother would return.

But she understood that her mother would not so she followed her.
Indeed, the mother would not leave her, but she showed a cool attitude that made the baby walk forward.

So, many human parents could not act like this but this is such an amazing story that could teach us many things.

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