The artist made a realistic sculpture and people easily mistake it for live animals

Most of us enjoy going to beaches and having rest. Sea helps people to forget about their problems and enjoy their time.

And this story is about an artist who used his talent on the beach. The man is good at creating sand cultures.
When you look at his works you think that they are real. He is doing well at his job.

He tells how he accidentally discovered his talent many years ago. The man together with his daughters was at a beach and started to create a mermaid out of the sand.

At that moment he understood that he was good at dealing with sand and creating something.
He always told that everything was due to his hands that knew what to do.

So, he spent about ten years doing so. He found his passion and never gave up on it.
Now, all his works continue to surprise people.

He says that it takes about many hours to finish the work, and sometimes even days are needed to do so.
For example, creating this horse took 2 days and the final look did not differ from live horses.

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