The animal with amazing eyebrows turned out to be a charming cat

The name of the cat was Gary who was born in 2015. The kitten was in white and had 2 dark spots on his forehead.
These looked like eyebrows and it made the animal have a unique look.

The name of the owner was Andy Entwistle. The owner once met the cat and took him without hesitation. It was his eyebrows that won his heart.
The older the animal turned the bigger his eyebrows became.

And everyone who saw the animal said that it was a very charming cat and had a cute face.
The cat is living with his owner in the UK.

When the cat tilts his head the brows turn out to be even more charming.
He turns out to be more interesting when he wants something from his owner
Now the cat turned 2 years old and became an even more attractive animal.

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