The animal led the man to the mountains to save the kid abandoned there

This happened in December in the Philippines. That day, a man called Jerrell was roading to his house. He had a bike and that was his means of transportation.

Sometimes, the dog chased him. At that time the animal started to bark as much as he could and wanted to get attention. The man decided to stop as he understood that the dog wanted to call him somewhere.

So, he followed the dog. After some time, they found a baby.
The man was shocked and could not believe his eyes.

So, he hurried to call the police. So, it was a baby boy.
After an examination, it became obvious that the baby was healthy and did not have any injuries.

Among this, the animal was forgotten. But one week passed and it was in the same place. Fortunately, the dog has owners and was not abandoned. So, the local organization came to his house and gave gifts to his owners.

The dog was named Blackie and 10 other animals were living with it.

Unfortunately, the family was not in a good financial state. But now the charity organization will help them and they were thankful to the owners for having such a smart pet. The dog saved the baby’s life and thanks to it the baby was alive.

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