The animal helped a cat but then learned that it was not the one she suspected

Once the woman saw something that melted her heart. The little animal was on the road and could be hit by the passing cars.

The cat was very scared and indeed needed someone’s help. So, she took the animal.
‘At first, it seemed to be a rabbit’ says the woman.

‘But when I came closer I saw it was a cat,’ she continued.
She waited for some time but no one appeared to take the animal.

So, she decided to take the animal and calmed it.
The woman already had a big dog and a cat. She built a convenient place for the cat and looked after it properly.

The woman also shared the pictures of the cat on Facebook and wanted to find an owner.
Some hours later a neighbor came and wanted to look at the cat.

He looked at the animal and thought that it was a lynx.
After this, the woman also shared another post on social media.

The next day the woman gave the animal to a special center and they started to look after it. Now the lynx feels well. And when it will be the right time it will be released into the wild.

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