The animal asked a stranger to buy him food and then stayed with her

It’s vital to find new friends and guardians during hard situations.
You should show ingenuity which was done by this cat.

The teacher called Tanya Tova saw a kitten near the store and began to talk with him. And the animal did not lose the chance. Look what happened then.

The animal knew what he needed.
The woman was amazed by his behavior and decided to keep her forever.

No one knows how his fate was developed.
The animal had an absence of a tail and he had some injuries because of street life.

The animal was unhappy and he needed assistance. At the same time, he was smart enough to search for help in the right place.
This was a big gesture of humanity.

The cat was similar to a rabbit because of the lack of a tail.
She found that this was a sign from above and that the meeting had some purpose.

She did not have any doubt about anything.
She even filmed a video and could not imagine that people would like it.

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Smart Animals