The amazing connection among a blind Great Dane and a chihuahua amazed everyone

This is a special couple of various sizes and characters who became inseparable. And nothing was an obstacle for them.
The dog called Chihuahua and Shelby has been together since childhood.

The spouses also met the animal rights activist.
Shirley had 12 dogs who lived with her.

And Bianca appeared in their home in November. Her mother passed away and the owners asked the woman for help.
When she fed Bianca, the little Shelby lay next to them and just looked at them.

After some time a real friendship started among them. When Bianca became older she became interested in Shelby. It was so nice.

Shelby somehow replaced her mother’s role. Babies need to grow up with their mothers and be surrounded by other dogs. Bianca did not have a mom but Shelby was so connected to her.

Bianca is about 2 pounds and Shelby is 116 pounds. They are also very different in their characters.
But they never harm each other.

They have a special connection and amaze everyone with it.
But Bianca has a new home and the couple should be separated.

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