The alligator behaved like a cat at the home and always asked to be stroked

The old man felt lonely and to end this loneliness decided to buy a pet.
But he bought an alligator instead of the usual pet.

But this alligator behaved like a cat and he wanted to be closer to the owner and always wanted to be stroked.

The alligator becomes used to the home very quickly and forgets about his wild counterparts.
When he was little he was scared of everything but I always calmed him down, said the man.

Now the animal behaves like a real pet.
The man did not find his size as a problem.

Now the animal is about 1.37 meters tall and it’s still growing.
Indeed, some difficulties are having such an alligator at home, but he loves him so much and does the best for him.

A unique friendship.

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