The albino grizzly was confused with a polar bear and taken to the North Pole

The bear called Joy was noticed by some conservationists. Joy was an albino. But they confused him with a polar bear and took it to the North Pole.

But his disappearance was obvious as he was the only albino in the area. So, they started to search for the bear.
At that time he was already at the North Pole. No one knows what he was thinking.

He was fishing in the forest and then he appeared in the snow.
He started to wander around. Local experts found that it was not a polar bear.

They checked the database and found out about the lost albino.
The bear was carefully sent back by helicopter.

So, from now on the warning signs will be next to the habitat of Joy. So, people will not be confused.
Now, it’s written around ‘there is an albino, be careful.

Luckily, everything is good with Joy and the flights did not have any impact on his health. But now he is even more careful with people.

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