The affectionate stare of a precious newborn koala who sees its mom for the first time

The tenderness and immense love between a baby and their mom is the greatest and most amazing power in the world.

Human beings are not the only breathing creatures that can have soft feelings. Animals have the same feelings as well, along with the affection and attachment of the baby animals and their mom.

It is always amazing to see such a unique scene that shows the connection between the baby and mom.

The emotional video below shows the koala mother and her baby’s interaction. Both are seeing one another for the first time ever.

Koalas, who live in Australia, are very anti-social animals. The only loving interaction that can happen between the two koalas is between the baby and mother.

People who work at Symbio Wildlife Park successfully took a picture of the amazing scene. The small koala gets into the mother’s pouch. Then once the tiny baby comes back, it looks at its mother’s face.

Both looked so happy. The moment was absolutely heart-warming as it was the first meeting between the mom and her baby koala.

Koalas are considered to be the symbol of Australia. People can recognize them easily cause koalas don’t have tails. They have a small body, relatively big head, black nose, very round, and big ears.

Sadly, koalas are now considered to be extinct. Their number has drastically decreased in the past years.

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