The adopted meerkat got too friendly with the owner’s cat and didn’t allow anyone to pet her

The meerkat was brought into the world in the Moscow zoo. It was named Surya right after birth. It could sit in a confined enclosure for his entire life if he stayed in the zoo. In any case, clearly, he was brought into the world under a very fortunate star. As it was the journalists from Yekaterinburg that turned him into a domestic creature, encompassed by love and care.

Be that as it may, the meerkat was fortunate not just in this. A young lady named Catherine, who adopted the wild animal had another pet-feline, named Nice. The new shaggy relative quickly became companions with Nice.

After some time Surya became jealous of the others like the owner or guests petting her. It started acting angrily when someone tried stroking Nice’s fur or even approaching her.

Interestingly enough, the cat was not against this affection shown by her friend. She licks the meerkat and even shared the food. Overall they were spending all their days together. They did not only play with one another but slept together cuddled up as well.

Nowadays the two friends live with their owner in the city of Saint Petersburg. They very effortlessly settled in the brand new flat there.

Even though they are close together their characteristics stayed the same as before. Surya still stays more like an active type of animal. Unsurprisingly, the passive nature of Nice is not being conveyed to the meerkat in any way as well.

This story is another proof that even animals with slightly different natures can become good companions and very close friends.

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