The abandoned puppy helps its sibling get rescued as well

Helping someone in need is probably the best thing in the world. It also is the most generous deed.

The workers of the Northeastern Animal Rescue Center located in China committed their time and energy doing volunteering work and helping animals in the area.

As in China, there is not an official national program by the government for stray animals, people themselves join their forces and do volunteering to help the poor animals. Abandoned animals should also have a chance to live.

Lately, the mentioned rescue team posted a video on their Facebook page. In the video, a small abandoned puppy comes towards rescue workers and starts barking. It was calling for help.

Interestingly, even after the workers try to help the puppy it didn’t let them. Instead, it leads them to somewhere else. The workers did not realize it yet but the puppy was trying to help someone else.

When the rescuers went after the small puppy, it lead them to a damaged building located nearby. That is where the volunteer’s found the puppy’s brother.

These two were later called Rocky and Buddy. The brothers were successfully rescued and were taken good care of. They also got a warm bath and even some milk.

Unfortunately, in China there still is no national program for stray animals. Luckily, there are volunteers who help those in need.

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