The 71 years old model posed in the same bikini as 40 years ago

Nowadays, becoming a model is not a difficult job.
But advertising in old age is an uncommon phenomenon.

This model named Susie Monty is already 71 years old. Her body allows her to be a model even at such an age.
‘Many people do not believe that my hair is natural but it is she said.

‘I feel like I am 21,’ she continued.
Suzy worked as a model for 50 years.

She won the title of Miss Cornwall Bikini when she was 20 years old.
But in her 60s she had to overcome a tumor diagnosis.

And she thought that she could not survive.
The secret of this is also her youthfulness in her genes.

Also, she avoids being under the sun for her skin and always does exercises. She also smiles often and enjoys her life.
You are as young as you want to be, she said.

I also meditate and it helps me a lot, she continued.
Next year she and her husband will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary and her husband has always been her biggest support.

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