The 52-year-old woman looked younger than her daughter

The Korean woman won everyone’s hearts in recent years.
She was almost 52 years old but was like a young girl.

And everyone wonders how she did it.
It was obvious that she did not do any plastic surgeries.

Her daughter was also admired for her appearance.
The name of the woman was Lee Su Jin and she is a dentist.

And once she started to lead her social media account and became popular.
Now she has about 150 thousand followers on Instagram.

She often gets offers for interviews and filming for various TV programs.
Many people are interested in the secret of her beauty.

But she always says that the key is being optimistic and having fun.
Also, you should not forget your skin care.

Her daughter is studying in high school and whoever sees them thinks that they are sisters.
Also, she has an awesome body as she loves physical activity.

Now you can often see her in many magazines as a model.
Moreover, Lee Soo is very stylish and her style always differs from the usual ones.
The woman encourages everyone to follow the diet and do yoga.

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