The 25 years old passer-by saved children from a fire

This young man saved people from a burning house.
Nick Bostic was heading to a gas station when he saw that the balcony of the house was burning.

The man stopped and ran to the house. He did not know if there was anyone there but he shouted so that someone could react. And these sounds woke up children who went to see what happened.

The man asked if anyone left there. Yes, a 6 year old baby was there.
So, the man came back to the house.

But the house was overall in the smoke.
The man heard a cry from the room and hurried there.

He hugged the baby and broke the window to come out from there.
But he fell on his right side. As the baby was on his left side everything was ok with him.

So, the young man bravely saved the 4 children from burning. His act is worth praising.

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