The 16 years old cat asked people to save him

Lahmia Mareeal Marano got a message from one of his friends who works at the hospital and told him about the cat named Max.

The friend asked to find a caring family for the cat, otherwise, he would be euthanized.
Lahmia came to see the cat and it seemed that the cat asked to take him home.

The girl’s heart melted. She did not want to adopt another cat but eventually, she became Max’s owner.
And with his new mom. The cat started to behave differently.

He calmed down and became a playful and joyful creature.
Max enjoys communicating with the girl.

The girl could not imagine that only by seeing the cat would she end up adopting it. But it happened and she was very happy about it.
‘Max is a real happiness and I am grateful that he appeared in our life’ said the owner.

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