Surfers spent approximately six hours trying to save a baby whale that is sobbing

While surfing in Boca Barranca which is located in Costa Rica, a group of surfers noticed some strange sounds. It was around five o’clock in the morning when Mauricio Camareno and his companions noticed something in the river that appeared to be a “black lump.”

They soon heard an animal whimpering and decided to investigate. They discovered that it was a baby pilot whale. It had become stranded. And when they realized the poor animal was too exhausted to return to the open sea on his own, they carried her back.

“She was weary and couldn’t swim,” Camareno explained.
The guys stayed with the whale because she wasn’t feeling good enough to continue swimming.

It took about six hours to complete. Some locals came to observe what had happened to the whale during this time. Some of them attempted to contact the Ministry of Environment and Energy as well as the Coast Guard but received no response.

“They stated they needed to check to determine if the animal was sick or not.” They also promised to bring a veterinarian, but no one showed up during our time with the whale.”

Because of this, the kind surfers waited six hours to ensure that the terrified animal returned to the deep waters. The whale eventually regained her strength and swam back out into the wide water. It’s all because of the dives!

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time whales have been stranded on a beach. Several years ago, a number of whales washed up on some beach. Since then, authorities have decided to assist by offering a huge number of volunteers to assist in the rescue of the unfortunate creatures.

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