Suddenly Harvey opened its eyes and it turned out to be the softest dog ever

The dog named Harvey was the new favorite on social media. Or maybe the opposite, no one knows the answer to it yet.

The owner of the animal. Teresa Argumbau was happy about it.
One interesting story. The ancestors of the dog were hunting creatures.

But Harvey differs from them. It was a soft and kind creature.
The problem that Harvey had were the wrinkles. They are very vulnerable.

For instance, when the dog drinks water, all the water penetrates the folds and remains there.
It was hard to take care of the puppy, but the owner does it with great love and attention.

Another problem is that, because of some selection errors, it could not open its eyes and had bad vision.

Now, Shar-Pei Harvey is popular in Menorca, where he lives with its owner. Moreover, he had so many followers on social media, who patiently waited for his posts.

The pet continued living his life, and the problems did not intervene against him. The owner is also very careful of him.

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