Such unconditional types of love can do magic

The couple was married but they did not have children for a very long time. And that was missing for their complete happiness.

A woman named Kate was struggling to have a baby and after 3 years of struggles, she heard the news. Now she will have a baby.

Their happiness could not be described in words.
They started to prepare for their birth. They bought many toys and decorated the room.

It was a hard process of giving birth and unfortunately, they lost the baby.
They decided to name the boy Jamie.

Jamie was so cold, and his father approached him to say goodbye. The woman asked her husband to warm their son.

The parents told him how they loved him.
It was a long-awaited baby but they lost him. The parents could not part away with him.

But real magic happened. The baby exhaled and opened his eyes.
He was alive.

The doctors could not say anything, they were amazed. There is no medical explanation for this magic.

After 2 years, another son was born. Now the family is finally happy.
This was real magic. Their love made their son live.

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