Sophia Loren had to overcome many difficulties before she became a mother

For many women, motherhood plays a very important role in life. Sophia Loren is one of them. The actress went through a lot to finally become a mother. Sophia Loren’s children grew up to be extraordinarily talented.

Let’s find out together what our heroine had to go through on the way to her dream – to be a mother.
In 1963 it was believed that it was too late for a 29-year-old woman to become a mother. However, Sophia Loren really wanted to do it.

The woman said that she is friends with all the children with whom she filmed. And at some point, the desire to have children completely took possession of her.

During the filming of the comedy film Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, Lauren felt that she was pregnant. However, the tests came back negative. The actress still went to the doctors, knowing exactly what the baby was waiting for. One “doctor” even suggested a strange test.

He took a frog out of his briefcase and said: “If you are pregnant, this animal will die.” The woman was not satisfied with such a test: she drove the doctor away, and sent the frog into the lake.

In the end, it turned out that she was indeed pregnant. The doctor advised her to take care of herself and the baby. The woman continued to work. After one scene, she felt a sharp malaise. Sophie had a miscarriage.

Four years later, she became pregnant again. This time she refused to work. Unfortunately, it didn’t help. She lost her child again … Then, in the hospital, the doctor told her that Sophie was a beautiful woman with good hips, but she was not destined to be a mother.

After two miscarriages, Sophie was very depressed. Her husband, Carlo Ponti, also did not find a place for himself. They hardly spoke and could not work properly.

Persistent Lauren continued her trips to the doctors. One of the doctors who re-examined Lauren found the root of her problem. The cause of the miscarriages was a lack of estrogen. Under the guidance of a doctor, everything should have been fine.

Lauren spent this pregnancy in a hotel. She was constantly given the necessary injections of the hormone. In 1968, at the age of 34, Sophia Loren became a mother for the first time. The child was given a name in honor of his father – Carlo Ponti.

Four years later, Lauren became pregnant again. This time the woman did not stop filming. She received the necessary hormone injections between scenes. Eduardo was born in early 1973.

The eldest son of the actress became a world famous conductor. He has a wife and two children. Eduardo devoted his life to directing. In his film “Life Ahead” Sofia Loren played a major role. Eduardo also has two children.

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