She paid for the operation to be performed and then wanted to leave but the cat did not let her do so

Cats have the same feelings as their owners. When the owners feel bad, they understand it and want to help. And once a woman posted a story about her pet. One day, the cat started to feel bad and the woman had to go to the hospital with him.

The result of the examination was disappointing and the cat needed an operation.
The woman paid all costs and wanted to leave but the cat did not let her go.

The woman wanted to leave but the cat started to cry. It was an emotional moment.
The woman remembered the moments when she was bad and the car stayed with her.

The cat was always with her when she felt bad. The cat did not even eat anything if the owner had not had an appetite.
So, she could not do so and left the pet alone during her difficult times.

The doctors operated and everything was successful.
Now, she feels young again. She now loves her even stronger than before.
Fortunately, the woman made the right decision.

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