She found her owner: a man found a stray dog ​​in the house in the morning, although all the doors and windows were closed

Waking up in the morning, the American Jack Jokinen had to solve a real riddle. In his house, as if nothing had happened, the dog was sitting, although all the doors and windows of the room were closed. The answer is still found thanks to street surveillance cameras.

The man spoke about this incident on social networks.
Jack says that when he found a random guest at home, he walked around the whole room, and the windows and doors were closed …

But the dog could not open the door, enter, and then gently close it behind him … Magic!
It turned out that in the evening after a walk, the man did not tightly close the front door.

During the night, the weather blew up and the wind opened them. The stray dog, seeing the shelter, quickly entered it. And a passer-by just slammed the door.

Well, now, you can’t put the dog on the street anymore. Jack took the dog and took it to the vet for a checkup. It turned out that the animal is 9 years old and during all this time she did not receive proper care and vaccinations.

They treated the animal well and named her Susie. Now she has her own house, which, by the way, she chose herself.

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