She created a foundation for all disabled animals inspired by her dog

In December, Lisa Chong went on vacation with her friend. One usual day, they suddenly saw an injured dog on the street. The poor animal was left on the busy road all alone. So, they could not stay indifferent and decided to help the poor dog.

They took her to the hospital. The dog underwent an examination and it turned out that she had some back injuries. Her hind legs were also paralyzed.

The friends were very careful about the animal. So, Lisa also decided to take her to the States.
She was so attached to the dog and could not live without her. The woman was sure that she would provide better care to her.

In California, she had remarkable progress during the treatment. But she could not walk alone yet. Thanks to their great efforts, the dog started to do her first steps.

Frida was inspired by this story.
So, she created a foundation that aimed to help animals in need. And thanks to this organization, many animals got help.

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