See the man who helped many disabled animals to walk again

The man named Derrick Campana changed thousands of animals’ lives.
He started to create artificial limbs that helped disabled animals to walk again.

He started this career many years ago when a woman came to his workshop where he made artificial legs for people and wanted the same for her pet.

The man could not refuse the woman but it would be his first trial to create artificial legs for the animal. But he managed to do so.
And being encouraged by this he started to deal with this more professionally.

Soon he opened his own company.
He had so many difficulties while doing this but he never lost hope.

He had various animals starting from dogs to elephants.
But he always warns the clients not to expect wonderful results as the animals also need time to get used to it.

This was real magic for disabled animals.
Many people want to make this on their own but they can easily hurt animals.
So, this man does a great job.

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