See Dolph, who was the best friend of the wild cheetah

Many people would never approach wild animals, but this zoologist called Dolph Walker spent his whole life with them.

And one of them became his best friend.
The man first came to the zoo as a volunteer and started to look after this wild cheetah.

He raised him and spent his whole day with him.
The animal trusts the man so much that even sleeps with him.

When Dolph leaves for a short time, the animal always waits for his return. He never forgot about his caretaker.
The man had a strong connection with the animal but he is also aware of the danger.

Animals could not speak so you can understand them only by their manners and behavior.
When they want to stay alone you should leave them, the man said.

Currently, Dolph looks after the wild cats and their babies as well.
They soon will be ready to be released into the wild.

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