Saul looks very angry and is wandering in the street until he was noticed

When Saul was noticed he was found on the streets and was in pain and needed someone’s help.
He was in desperate condition when a passer-by saw him.

And the man who noticed the animal contacted the animal protection center. The center sent a volunteer to help the poor animal who took him to the hospital.
Saul has all reasons to have such an angry face.

He was fortunately noticed by a kind man who saw him on one of London’s streets. The animal was in worse condition and could die. He lost all his strength and was dehydrated.

Despite his looks he was very sweet and sociable.
Now he is getting treatment and is gradually recovering.

Let’s hope that soon he will be able to move and find loving owners.
The doctors think that his angry look is not from injuries but inborn.

But let’s hope that he will look cute and will manage to find a permanent home and caring owners. Thanks to the kind men he was noticed and got help. He has a special and unforgettable personality.

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