Sailors were amazed by seeing the shark as its head was like from another animal

Italian sailors cough a shark.
The team wanted to release it back to the water but it seemed that his head was from another animal.

So, this fisherman caught a strange creature on the island.
The shark surprised everyone as predators stay far from the coasts.

The mammal was similar to a fat shark.
And his face was like a pig’s head.

So, sailors believed that they caught a strange mutant.
They also managed to capture the amazing creature and showed it to the aquarium staff.

They started to discover this but it turned out that it was not a mutant but a rare fish.

It was Oxynotus centrina. But they do not know how it appeared to the shallow water.
These creatures are listed in The Red Book. The sailors were happy as they could release the fish to the ocean. Otherwise, it could not survive.

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