People took a cat from the shelter but he became the size of a dog and is still growing

Julia took an ordinary cat from the shelter.
But this baby stopped growing non-stop. The woman noticed an oddity in his development and the baby was growing day by day.

And when he stood on his hind legs he became larger than a dog.
His photos spread widely on social media and many people commented on the posts.

Julia told how she decided to take the baby from the shelter. At that time he was small and thin.
But then everything changed.

He gained weight and grew. They turned out to be the largest representatives of Maine Coon.
Many people mistook him for a dog and this is not surprising for the owners.

At first, Julia did not pay attention to his size but when he saw him standing on his legs he started to worry about that.
The cat is also calm but the neighbors do avoid them.

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