People thought they saved a kitten but then it changed his color

Katherine once saved a kitten who was found on the street. They thought it was a cat but then after three months it changed color and his eyes became tougher.

The kitten was found in New Zealand. At first, it was mistaken for a rat who did not even open his eyes.

Katherine took it and looked after the baby.
Over time the cat has changed. And there were some oddities in his behavior.

And he even hunts mice in the kitchen.
After 3 months it was completely changed. He also changed his color.

He took it to the vet.
The doctors found out that it was a unique creature.

Also, they thought that the mother of the cat was either too depressed or was given some medications which affected the baby.

The cat also had a lack of socialization and did not know how to act.
Now the woman also started a blog about the cat. The cat has millions of subscribers who are interested in his life.

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