People just took pictures of the dog and walked by

Many people wrote to the animal rescue center for the dog and asked for help. But no one wanted to help the poor animal.
The dog is far away and reaching to him one should drive about 2 hours.

Dogs often develop diseases in spring. But also it was difficult to find the dog as it was not in the same place. Everyone who saw it just took a photo and went.
It took about some hours to find it.

The dog returned to its owners but they did not want to keep him. So, he came back to the street.
So, when they found the dog they took him to the hospital for some examinations. And they informed the police about the dog.

The animal did not have a chip. So, the owners could not prove that it was their dog.
These kind people did not know what to do with the dog. But they want the owners to appear.

So, if they do not appear, they will start to search for new owners. Let’s hope that he will find kind owners and will live happily.

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